Activites Programme at Landal Woodland Lakes

With a whole host of exciting activities available at Landal Woodland Lakes, you are never short of choice. Regardless of age, experience or physical ability our expert activities schedule will provide adults or the wee ones with the best experience and memories available to you be it as a holiday guest or local day visitor.

We are also continuing to run our ever-popular swim school which provides your kids with the necessary skills and confidence in the water.

Soft Archery

Family Soft Archery gives you all the thrills and challenges of traditional archery without the sharp points on the arrows. Instead, weighted suction pads give the arrow the same feel but gives the younger guests the chance to try out our fantastic activity.

A minimum of 2 participants are required for the session to go ahead.

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Body Zorbs

Body Zorbing is a super exciting activity at Woodland Lakes having you and your friends encased in an inflatable ball from the waist up with your legs free to move around. With our expert team providing you with activities and games, excitement is guaranteed as well as a bumpy ride!

A minimum of 2 participants are required for the session to go ahead.

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Swimming Lessons

Our team follows the Swim England “Learn to Swim” Framework to deliver swimming lessons. We use fun and games to build water confidence from the first splash to a lifetime of loving swimming and being safe in the water whether on holiday or otherwise.

£30 for a monthly block

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Water Zorbs

Water Zorbs at Woodland Lakes are a great way to help keep children fit and healthy, while offering a unique ‘walking on water’ experience. Excellent at working on your balance.

For ages 4+ / 14 years. A great experience on your visit.

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Canoe Voyage

Set sail around our pool here at Woodlands. 20 minutes of thrills and challenges aboard our Canoe.

Minimum or 2 participants per session.

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Mini Jets

Air in their hair, as they cruise around on the Mini jets. Perfect for toddlers.

Age 2/4years

20 minutes of thrills and challenges. Candidate must be confidant in the water to partake in activity.

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Sea Scooters

Sea scooters are advanced underwater scooters that enables you to glide effortlessly on and below the water using simple body movements to control this exciting, environmentally friendly machine. Exciting activity where you get to zip around underwater with your own diving scooter, which collecting the treasure from the bottom of the pool.

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